Our Philosophy & Mission

Our philosophy at Nursery Rhymes is to enhance each child’s physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual development.

We attain high quality childcare through providing children and families with a flexible, loving, and stimulating atmosphere where independence is encouraged and self-esteem is built.

Nursery Rhymes provide enriching play experiences and activities from which the children can learn and grow. We base our approach using elements of the Montessori program, the developing through play concept of the ECE as well as the open creativity and individuality offered in the Reggio Emilia approach. At Nursery Rhymes we pride ourselves on creating a bridge between your family and the best professionals in the early childhood development field.

what parents say

Testimonials About Nursery Rhymes Daycare

We were so fortunate to find Nursery Rhymes when we needed a daycare for our first child. The daycare staff are attentive and passionate about taking care of the kids. They really try to work with you to accommodate each child’s needs such as being flexible with our child’s nap schedule. The activities are always creative and provide lots of opportunity for the children to explore, play and learn. We’re really happy that they have a 3-5 yr program and when our son was ready, they transitioned him into the older program with no issues. They were also instrumental in preparing him for Kindergarten. When we were expecting our second child, we knew right away that Nursery Rhymes would be our preferred choice. We are at ease when we leave our child with them knowing that she will be happy and in good hands, a fact that is reinforced by her not wanting to leave when we pick her up.

Kevin and Elizabeth


We can’t say enough positive things when it comes to Nursery Rhymes Daycare. The staff are exceptionally warm, kind hearted and knowledgable. Our oldest child started in 2014 and now we have a second who is currently attending. We feel at ease knowing our children have always been in good hands and are genuinely cared for. The environment and activities the children do are fun, educational and engaging. Our children are excited to go. We feel our oldest became very well rounded and prepared for kindergarten because of her experience at Nursery Rhymes. The staff also know how/when to communicate discipline as well. It can be daunting to a parent, especially when your first born goes off on their own. Knowing that Nursery Rhymes staff are there put any apprehensions we had at ease within the first few days.

Sarah S


When it came time to look into a daycare for our older child over 4 years ago now I was very happy to meet the staff at Nursery Rhymes Daycare. They put my mind at ease and showed so much love and attention to our child. The pictures sent throughout the day helped my anxiety of being away from my child and felt close to them when I could not be.  The activities they do with the girls and boys all day long are really interesting and stimulate the children’s mind and imagination. The children get outside time everyday which is great for them. My younger child also now attends Nursery Rhymes Daycare and we knew it was the obvious choice when it came time to apply as we were so happy with their care and attention to the children. I am so happy to have found Nursery Rhymes Daycare.

Sarah B

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